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Transportation grant

The Ruffugees Foundation offers a transportation grant to move at-risk animals from kill shelters to no-kill rescues or sanctuaries.  At this time, grants may be awarded up to $250.  Funding is available on a rolling basis and as funds allow (to donate toward this effort please click here).   Please review our Transportation Grant guidelines prior to applying for a grant:


  • Must be a federally recognized non-profit animal rescue, non-profit animal sanctuary or a municipal/county/government funded animal shelter/rescue within the U.S.A

  • Animal(s) at the center of the grant application must be in danger of euthanasia at their current facility due to overcrowding or medical needs and must have a commitment to a no-kill facility. 

  • Facility incurring the financial costs of the transport must be the facility that applies for funding. 

Grant Funding Uses

  • Transportation related costs such as gas, vehicle rental, staff

  • Vaccinations/medications required for transport

  • Approved transportation crates/carries/bedding/water bottles


  • Applications must be completely filled out and accurate (all information will be verified).

  • After application submission organizations must announce their application on their social media and include the animals they are requesting funding for as well as tagging The Ruffugees Foundation.​​

If you are a rescue or shelter that could save a life (or multiple) with our funding help and have reviewed eligibility, uses and requirements please fill out the form below.

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