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Announcing The Ruffugees Foundation Grant!

The Ruffugees Foundation Grant

The Ruffugees Foundation is announcing the release of our first grant opportunity for rescues, shelters and animal welfare organizations! This is very exciting for us as we are starting to gain momentum, which could have only been achieved with supporters like you!

The Ruffugees Foundation grant is available for the transport and relocation of homeless animals at risk of euthanasia out of their current facility and into a no-kill facility. Animals must be in danger of euthanasia due to overcrowding and must have a commitment from a no-kill shelter, no-kill rescue or no-kill sanctuary at the time of application for grant funds. The facility incurring the financial costs of the transport must be the facility that applies for funding. At this time, grants may be awarded up to $250. Funding is available on a rolling basis. Rescues, shelters and sanctuaries that are registered 501(c)(3)s in all areas of the U.S.A. are eligible and encouraged to apply.


To view our grant application eligibility, uses and requirements, click here. Please e-mail applications to

Please spread the message of our grant opportunity far and wide to your rescue and shelter contacts.

If you have questions about our grant, please leave a message below or e-mail us at

If you would like to contribute to our grant funding please click here!

See you on the wild side,


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