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What's New at Ruffugees

There have been lots of happenings at The Ruffugees Foundation lately!

Donna Karan

In the last few weeks The Ruffugees Foundation has have had two very special foster dogs, Donna Karan from Wolf Trap Animal Rescue and Dixie from Purple Paws 2nd Chance Rescue. These two sweet girls stole our heart and were both adopted very quickly! Fostering is so important for animals. This transition time allows them to catch their breath and learn what love can mean for them. These two girls were rescued from rural high-kill shelters so finding a foster home for them was imperative. Be sure to check out foster opportunities in your area to help save a life! Follow our Facebook page to learn of urgent need foster situations, so you, too, can help out for a few weeks!

Don't forget, we recently released our first grant opportunity for the transportation of animals out of high-kill shelters to avoid euthanasia. Be sure to read our blog post and information page to learn more.

Hair Ties

Two weeks ago we attended our first farmer's market event of the 2018 season. It was a blistery day, but we were able to speak with a lot of people about our efforts and were able to hand out a lot of stickers to some very cold kiddos! We will be at the North Stafford Farmer's Market again on Sunday, May 13th from 8-1 p.m. We also have these awesome hair ties for sale for a $6 donation!

Finally, we have been filling our days with designing our "Parent Pack" and our "Shelter Pack." These fun packs are available in exchange for a $20 donation or both for $35 and 100% of proceeds goes straight to supporting the work of The Ruffugees Foundation.

Our "Parent Pack" includes: Our "Shelter Pack" includes:

Water bottle Water bowl

Water bowl Leash

Ball thrower Collar

Parent Pack
Shelter Pack

The "Shelter Pack" can be used for yourself or we can donate the pack to a shelter of your choice in your name!

If you would like to donate and receive one of these packs please message us at or donate using PayPal to

Be sure to follow our social media to learn about foster, adoption and urgent need opportunities and don't forget to share our social media with your friends and family to help us raise awareness about homeless animals.

See you on the wild side,


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