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Three P's for National Pet Fire Safety Day

National Pet Fire Safety Day

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day! Today we bring awareness to fire safety for pet families.

Here are quick tips for the day:

1. Plan

- How does your pet react to a smoke detector?

- Do they run to a particular area?- What is your escape route from that area?

- Where do you keep your leashes and collars?

2. Practice

- Test your smoke alarms to see where your pets go when they hear that noise. Then, plan an escape route from that area for you and your pet and strategically place extra leashes and collars along the way.

3. Prevent

- Isolate areas of your home. Only allow your pet to have access to certain areas - make these areas near an exit, too.

- Hide extension cords from pets who chew or scratch.

- Always remove food from your stove and counters.

Fire Department

- Let neighbors know about your pets. If you are not home, your neighbors can tell the fire department who to be looking for inside.

- Finally, petfinder stickers are fine, but make sure they are dated so firefighters know they can trust the accuracy of the information.

Please share your tips on fire safety with us in the comments section below.

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See you on the wild side,


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