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Happy New Year Pet Lovers!


Dog cuddles

We want you and your pet to live your best lives in 2019, so let's explore some resolutions for both of you!

Exercise, Massage and Tricks, oh my! Let's stimulate all aspects of your pet's life.

Exercise is something we can all benefit from - so get moving. Walk with your pet, throw a ball (or a toy mouse) or roll around on the floor together. Movement will keep your pet young and healthy in their weight, joints and mind.

Massage stimulates relaxation and joint and muscle health in your pet. As your pet ages they are going to experience arthritis, stiffness and soreness just as we do when we age. Help loosen them up and get the blood flowing by massaging their shoulders, legs and joints.

Finally, let's teach that young or old pet new tricks! Learn something new with your pet. Training treats are a great incentive and check out our Pinterest page that has some great ideas for training pets.

The Ruffugees Foundation wishes you and your family a happy and healthy new year and please share with us what you and your pet's resolutions are for 2019!

See you on the wild side,


P.S. Be sure to whip up some of today's Ruff-ipes for when you kiss your best friend at midnight!

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