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Pet Safety on Halloween

Costumes, candy, traffic and guests - how do we keep our pets and guests safe on Halloween? Let's take a quick, closer look at these items.

Traffic - Traffic by foot and vehicles can be very scary on Halloween. Halloween foot traffic is intimidating and you don't want your best friend getting lost in the midst of trick or treaters. Vehicle traffic, too. It will be dark and chilly and parents will only be looking for their child, not your pet. Be sure your pet is securely indoors at all times on Halloween night.

Costumes - Rule #1 - Never, ever leave your pet alone in a costume. Pets can get hurt, become stuck or get caught on something in a costume, so, always stay with them if in costume. Be sure that your pet's costume is one where your pet can see, hear, breathe and move freely in as well. Also, don't force it. If your pet hates costumes respect that about their personality.

Candy - Pets love people food and candy is no exception. Be sure to place your candy and your child's candy in a safe place not accessible by your pet. But, if your pet does start displaying symptoms of seizures, vomiting, diarrhea or rapid breathing they could have Chocolate Poisoning. Yes, that is a thing! Get them to the Vet immediately if showing these symptoms. Don't forget about the WRAPPERS, too. Candy wrappers can be left around your house or in an open trash can and if you're furry friend gets a whiff that wrapper could be gone in a jiffy, which could cause serious intestinal damage or even death.

Guests - Keep your pets safe from people. Yes, people. Unfortunately some people have been known to harm animals on Halloween. So, keep your pets inside simply to assure they are not harmed or stolen by vicious individuals. Keep in mind, too, that some people are not animal people and they may not want their child approaching your home for candy if they see a pet outside. Finally, costumes are SPOOKY! Some human costumes may frighten your pet; prevent your pet from being spooked by a scary Vampire by keeping them away from the door.

Bottom line, keep your pet home and behind closed doors so you can enjoy your night worry-free and they can remain safe!

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